With material change now a certainty, it’s optionality and agility that’ll be valuable. It’s why, at Consilium Capital, we offer our clients the full spectrum of financial services required to create long-lasting wealth – and we’re constantly refreshing the offering.

But we’re also humble enough to acknowledge that we can’t know everything. So, we’ve built a strong, global network of 3rd party service providers who plug into our business, aiding us in the creation of bespoke, holistic wealth solutions for our clients.

Offshore family office services

South Africans are notoriously over-invested in domestic assets.
To help our clients to diversify their wealth more prudently, Consilium Capital has an affiliate in the Republic of Ireland (Dublin). Its purpose is to serve South Africans looking for offshore wealth solutions.

In particular, this family office assists with tax-efficient financial restructuring, and provides clients with a hedge against a weakening domestic currency and/or political instability. We can also facilitate financial emigration, if needs be.

Estate planning

Once wealth has been created, its preservation becomes the focus. And within that framework, estate planning is critical. We help our clients to create tax-efficient structures using wills and testamentary instruments, including inter-vivos and testamentary trusts.

Through our network, we’re also able to recommend trustees, curators, administrators, independent directors and/or executors to assist you in this regard.

Relationship management

We have access to a deep and trusted network of legal advisers, tax advisers, independent trustees, bankers, insurance and assurance specialists.

And you can decide what level of involvement you want us to have in managing the relationship with these service providers, should you need to enlist their help.

Strategic advice

Over the past 20 years, we have developed effective strategies in relation to governance, succession planning, investment, and asset management strategies.

We are well placed to assist you with complex strategic decision-making processes.

Project management

We understand that choosing a path and walking it are two different things.

Our industry experience enables us to project manage the implementation of an investment strategy, legal undertaking, business structuring, or any other initiative you decide to implement.

Valuation and risk assessment

Strategic financial advice often begins with understanding the value of your assets and the risks they carry. From that base, better decisions can be made.

Consilium Capital has powerful proprietary risk and valuation software, capable of providing accurate valuation across a variety of asset classes.

  • Our private wealth services include:

    Consilium Private Wealth
Discretionary &
non-discretionary investment advice
Bespoke portfolio construction
Retirement Planning
Domestic & offshore investment advice
Estate Planning
Stock broking portfolios
Financial Planning

Financial Planning

At Consilium we continuously search for means of delivering excellence in all our offerings, often exploring both organic and external opportunities for improvement.